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Trichomes 101

In the vibrant world of cannabis, few elements are as mysterious and pivotal as trichomes. This funny word comes from the Greek word trichofyia meaning hair growth. However. trichomes are not just simple appendages. They are intricate, biochemical factories with multifaceted functions. These sticky, hair-like structures on the surface of cannabis protect the

plant produce its compounds, and signal when to harvest.


Trichomes are tiny. In fact, of the three different types, two are hard to see without the aid of a microscope or jeweler's loop. (Bulbous and Capitate-Sessile) The easiest to see without an aid would be the Capitate-Stalked trichomes. They can also be known as kief, usually differentiated by if they are on the plant or have been collected off the plant, and can be kept

as is, or used to make other products. This versatility makes them an important part of the medical cannabis landscape.

When grown outside, trichomes are the secret service of cannabis - their primary role is defense. Acting as a natural barrier, they shield the plant from insects, fungus, and any harmful UV rays. Their sticky texture also deters pests such as rodents and rabbits from feasting on the buds. Moreover, trichomes help conserve moisture in dry climates and withstand the onslaught of high winds to ensure survival in diverse environmental conditions.

Trichomes are still important for indoor growers like PHG. Beyond protection, they act as reservoirs for terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds that define the potency, flavor, and aroma of the cannabis plant. These resin glands contain the highest concentrations

of compounds such as THC, CBD, and a plethora of others.

Within the lifecycle of cannabis, trichomes undergo a fascinating journey of growth. For cultivators, observing trichomes is akin to reading the plant's biological clock. As cannabis matures, trichomes transition through distinct stages and signal the optimal time for harvest. They are initially clear, become cloudy white as they develop, and then shades of amber as they degrade. Understanding this color change is crucial for cultivators who aim to harvest high potency buds.


Trichomes are importance to the cannabis industry from the grower to patients alike. For cultivators, they signify the onset of the flowering stage and guides the timing of harvest. Processing labs use trichomes to extract compounds and create an array of concentrates

or other products. For example, at PHG we triple dip sauce infused buds in kief to make flower concentrate. To patients, trichomes are the essence of the plant, offering a spectrum of flavors, aromas, and effects tailored to individual preferences.

Trichomes play a vital role in the production of cannabis products. They cater to the diverse needs and preferences of patients while embodying both the resilience and therapeutic potential of the cannabis plant. Whether it's the cultivation of potent buds or the creation of artisanal extracts, trichomes remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving medical cannabis landscape. Thus, as we continue to unlock the mysteries of trichomes, we unveil new possibilities for harnessing the full potential of this remarkable plant.


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