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What is Flower Concentrate?

Flower Concentrate combines three PhG medical marijuana products into one-- dry flower, live sauce and kief!

PHG Flower Concentrate

How does PHG make Flower Concentrate?

The Penn Health Group lab starts by hand dipping high-quality, cured small buds in a layer of live sauce. The sauce coated dry flower is then rolled in kief and allowed to rest for 24 hours before being hand dipped for a second time. 

To ensure our flower concentrate is delivered at the highest quality, the packaging team applies a third and final coat of kief while processing the product for distribution.

How do you medicate with flower concentrate?

Flower concentrate is recommended for vaporization. When stored properly, it can be prepared for consumption in three easy steps.

1. The product can be broken down into smaller doses using a tool to slice or break apart the portion you wish to vaporize.

2. Load the atomizer or chamber of your vaporizer half way with flower concentrate and lightly pack. It can also be added to dry flower to increase potential benefits.

3. Select a medium to high temperature setting on your device with consideration to the terpene profile.

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