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Dry Flower

Trimmed and packaged by hand, with care.

Our goal is to deliver a variety of products with rich and diverse  profiles. Each strain is carefully selected to meet the standards patients expect from PHG.

Learn more about our collection of genetics here.

Available in premium or small whole buds, and pre-ground

in 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and 28g units.

Penn Health Group Dry Flower


No CRC at PHG.

PHG offers an array of cannabis concentrate consistencies in both cured and live varieties.​ To deliver the safest medicine to our patients, our lab team fully purges impurities and never color-remediates.

Learn more about cannabis concentrates here.

Available in the following consistencies as 1g, 2g and 3.5g units:

Budder, badder, crystalline, crumble and sugar.

Penn Health Group Crumble


Experience a vortex of relief.

PHG cartridges are equipped with AVD vortex mouthpieces, designed to slow air flow upon inhalation for a cooler draw.


Available as LLR, distillate or cured varieties in 500mg and 1g units.

Penn Health Group .5g Cart
Penn Health Group 1g Cart
Penn Health Group Flower Concentrate

Flower Concentrate

Three of your favorite products in one.

Flower concentrate is a 3-in-1 product that combines dry flower, live sauce and kief.

Learn more about flower concentrate and how PHG makes it here.

Available in 1, 3.5 and 7 gram units.

Full-spectrum, strain specific, easy-to-dose.

PHG live sauce is designed to conserve the full spectrum of natural compounds found in each unique strain.

Learn more about our live sauce here.

Available in 1g syringes.

Penn Health Group Sauce Syringe

Live Sauce Syringes

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