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What are Cannabis Concentrates?

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Concentrates are oils that have been extracted from the cannabis plant, and contain high counts of compounds such as terpenes and cannabinoids. They are made through a variety of similar yet different extraction processes that determines the color and texture of the final product. 

Cured vs. Live Concentrates

The difference between live and cured concentrates is the type of flower that is used. Cured concentrates are made from dried, harvested flower, while live concentrates (also referred to as live resin) are made with fresh frozen flower. 

Penn Health Group Badder


Badder comes in cured and live varieties and its consistency and color vary from batch to batch. After extraction, the oil is whipped with heat which makes it anywhere from a cake frosting texture to a thick sticky sauce with sugar beads, and is typically yellow to deep golds in color.

Penn Health Group Budder


Budder is known for being easy to handle and full of flavor. Like badder, budder is also whipped after the extraction process. However, it is done without the presence of heat, which gives this concentrate its golden glow and smooth consistency.

Penn Health Group Crumble


Crumble is one of the driest medical marijuana concentrates available. The crumbly texture comes from the low heat and slow processing time that is applied to dried or fresh frozen material. Crumble is chunky, flaky and varies in color from pale yellows to golds. 

Penn Health Group Crystalline

Crystalline THCa

Crystalline THCa are beautiful semi-translucent cannabis crystals. The crystals are formed when different heats and pressures are applied to cannabis sauce, which is why your crystalline is sometimes glazed with terpy goodness! When properly processed, Crystalline THCa is one of the purest forms of medical marijuana concentrates.

Penn Health Group Sauce Syringe


Sauce can be live or cured, and is manipulated through controlled temperature and a build up of pressure that forms flavorful, terpene rich oil and cannabinoid crystals. The process is done slowly in order to control the its size, which is what causes sauce to widely vary in texture. The consistency can fluctuate from a runny syrup to a thick, grainy honey and vary in color from yellows to deep amber.

Penn Health Group Sugar


This kind of medical marijuana oil is normally made through a method of extraction that is similar to how sugar is extracted from sugarcane. The process causes the terpenes and cannabinoids to crystalize, which preserves the flavors and aromas and gives the oil its texture. Sugar can be cured or live and ranges in color from ambers to yellows and has a wet, crystal texture that is sometimes in a honey-like puddle.

Penn Health Group Wax


Wax can be soft yellows or honey colored, and varies in consistency from soft, moist, crumble-like chunks to sticky peanut butter. These textures are created by slowly cooling the extracted oils which enables them to keep their form and be less likely to fall apart.

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