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What is Sauce?

Sauce is a medical marijuana concentrate that is produced through the same butane extraction process as our sugar, budders, and crystalline THCa.

How does PHG make Sauce?

Heat and pressure are applied to cured or fresh frozen material, resulting in high THC crystals and a thick, terpene rich liquid concentrate. The crystals are separated out, leaving behind what we know to be as "sauce", and is also the base from which our sugars are made, budders are whipped and more!

How do you medicate with sauce?

Sauce can be vaporized on its own, used as a topper for flower or mixed with other concentrates to potentially amplify effects.

This product is not intended to be consumed like RSO or used to refill cartridges.

How do you store sauce?

Properly storing your medicine is key to preserving its quality and consistency. Sauce Syringes should be put back in their original packaging with the cap screwed on tightly to prevent any possible leakage. A cool, dark place such as a refrigerator or cooler is the ideal final resting place for this product.

PHG Live Sauce Syringe
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