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Redefining Senior Wellness

PHG Fan Leaf

A lot has changed over the last decade, let alone the last century. The same applies with cannabis. If you've heard that it's not the same stuff the "hippies" had back in the 60's, this is quite true. Years and years of cultivation research has led to higher THC percentages, along with new strains and research. Don't let this be a deterrent if you've been out of the cannabis circle for a while, or never entered it- especially if you think it may help you medically.

In 2022 around 8% of seniors reported cannabis use, dramatically up from 0.4% in 2007. This does not come as a surprise as seniors make up one of the fastest growing cannabis patient populations. Many are finding relief for things like chronic pain and insomnia-- leading them to cut back on other prescriptions.

So, how do you get started on your medical cannabis journey? First, you need to qualify for one of the twenty-four qualifying conditions that make a person eligible to become a patient.

Some of the most common ailments being treated are chronic pain, PTSD and anxiety disorders. Then you can obtain your medical card, via a certifying medical professional, which has become an approachable process and can be done completely over the internet/phone

if desired. You can find a guide on how to obtain your card on our website. After you complete this process, it usually takes seven to ten days for the card to come in the mail. Now you're ready to take on the dispensary!

It is highly recommended that you visit the dispensary pharmacist for at least your first visit. Each location has a dedicated pharmacist that can help you find the type(s) of medical cannabis that would help the most with your condition. Don't be afraid to ask questions. In this ever-growing industry, there is a constant stream of new research, technology, and products. From topicals to tinctures, there are several possible avenues to relief with cannabis, talking to the pros will help you narrow in on what you need. Added bonus- some dispensaries will even have a daily senior discount as well!

Remember, always take it low and slow when introducing or re-introducing yourself to cannabis. Overindulgence in anything can be bad for you-start with low doses and low THC percentages. The right regiment can be hard to dial in, but if and when you do the results could be life changing.


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