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Holiday Tips & Terps

With summer long gone and fall in full swing, the holiday season is right around the corner. As we bring all our festivities inside and celebrate all the many holidays coming up, your buds at PHG want to give you some friendly tips to keep your holidays fun and stress-free.

PHG Holiday '23

Plan ahead and keep organized.

This may sound hard, but if you take small steps, you can find big improvements in having to make last-minute trips or having forgotten plans. There are many things that can be planned out ahead of time in the Holiday season. Meals are a big part of most holidays. Planning what is needed for big meals, or to take to a party can save you time and effort both buying the ingredients, and when making the food. Keeping a calendar is also an easy way to make sure you do not overbook yourself this holiday season. Make sure you set major events, important deadlines, and most importantly time for yourself.

For a lot of us during this time, getting focused to stay organized is hard. Make sure to look out for THCV, ocimene, and limonene for help with focus, while pinene is good to help improve short term memory and alertness. Any combination of these will help you stay focused and on your toes for all your plans.

Maintain relaxing surroundings.

While we may not be able to control all the chaos, keeping your surrounds as relaxing as possible can help cut the stress. This can mean different things to everyone, but some easy steps are starting with lighting and music. Put on some of your favorite tunes and dim the lights a bit when things start feeling overwhelming. Try shopping online rather than in busy stores, or even doing a pickup if you need to. Always keep in mind that sometimes, you might just need a break!

Walking away from something frustrating and taking a breath is always an option. Just remember as long as everyone is safe, then we are doing alright. When needing a little help to relax you can always look for CBD, THC, myrcene, and linalool. Anyone of these, or combo can help with anxiety and relaxation.

Keep up with healthy habits.

With all the feasts, celebrations, and hard work prepping, maintaining healthy habits is going to help cut the build up of stress. Eating healthy snacks on days when you have a big meal

planned will keep energy up and help with overeating. Stretching in the morning can help with blood circulation and keep you limber for all the shopping that needs to get done. Most important of all is getting enough sleep so we can stay alert and have the energy to keep bringing the cheer. For help with sleep look for THC, humulene, caryophyllene, and myrcene. Any combo could have you sleeping right on cloud nine.

Remember you can always say no... it's okay not to overbook yourself! Make sure you set healthy boundaries, both physically and mentally. While the holidays can be a lot of fun, sometimes overdoing it can lead to more stress. By sticking to these tips and terps, we can

cut a little stress out of the most memorable times with our loved ones!


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