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Dry Flower Storage

Cracking jokes about where you can store your cannabis is an age-old practice among enthusiasts. However, properly storing dry flower is key to maintaining the medicine's quality and potency. Dry flower can be just as tasty and viable for well over a year after it's been cured with the right storage. Use this guide of dos and don'ts to maximize your medicine's life.

PHG Bananium Dry Flower


Proper temperature is important when trying to keep your dry flower from losing potency and growing mold or mildew. The ideal temperature range to preserve your medicine and maintain quality is between 50-90 degrees. Excessively high temperatures will result in cannabinoids and terpenes drying out, thus losing potency that took months to cultivate. Meanwhile, moderately high temperature increases the chances of spores growing. Some believe that storing dry flower in the refrigerator or freezer is best at slowing down your flower's degradation. However, taking your flower between chilled and room temperature environments can be risky. The sudden change increases the chances of condensation forming inside your storage container, ultimately contributing to the growth of mold. Vaporizing moldy flower won't taste very good, and may lead to a headache at the very least.


Keeping cured flower in a dark place will always be to your benefit. UV light degradation occurs with all organic material and cannabis is no different. That's the reason why common, commercial medicines come in dark, tinted containers... in case you were wondering! UV light is essential to a plant's growth cycle of course. But once it has been harvested and cured, it becomes a detriment to the dry flower's potency by endangering its cannabinoids.


Much like temperature, humidity plays a critical role in controlling the growth of mold spores and maintaining freshness. Mold grows in warm, moist environments, and too much humidity can create the moisture it needs to thrive. However, too little humidity causes flower to become overly dry and brittle. The plant's essential oils dry out, stripping your flower of its aroma and taste, as well as increasing the potential of losing trichomes during handling. The ideal humidity for dry flower storage falls within a range of 50-60%, and though this can be measured with a hygrometer, maintaining proper moisture levels is quite easy with a good cure and humidity pack.


Oxygen is vital for all life, and plants are no different. However, after harvest, oxygen speeds up the degradation of terpenes and cannabinoids. Dry flower is best kept in an air-tight container that is proportionate to the amount of medicine you are storing. Both the size an d seal help control the amount of air your flower encounters after being opened.


Glass containers are a great way to store your dry flower because they have no effect on the medicine itself. Plastic jars and bags are convenient, but plastics carry a natural static charge that is capable of pulling trichomes off your medicine.


It's a good idea to make sure your medicine is not stored near electronics or appliances. They can be detrimental to maintaining the efficacy of your flower as machines generally create heat, which of course is not beneficial.

Remembering to keep your flower in an airtight container at the proper humidity level, and store it in a cool dark place. PHG understands that keeping your medicine with care creates longevity. This is why we do our best to store and supply dry flower products in ideal conditions. We currently package finished flower with 62% humidity packs so our patients only have to worry about a spot that is the right light and temperature. Finally, if you have children and/or pets, be sure to always keep your medicine out of their reach. Having a locked drawer or cupboard is always the safest bet.


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