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Cannabis and Fitness

PHG Cartridge at Ohiopyle, PA

Summer in Pennsylvania is special. It's easy to get out and active when our home is a collection of beautiful, rolling mountains, sparkling rivers, and majestic waterfalls that host a variety of fun activities. But despite knowing that exercise is vital to our physical and mental wellness, it's even easier to feel resistance when planning or engaging in a workout. Now more than ever, people are exploring the relationship between cannabis and fitness to enhance and enjoy their active hobbies. Understanding how different compounds within the plant work with our bodies can potentially boost performance, manage pain, enhance recovery, and help to relax and focus on making a workout count.

One of the most common medicinal uses for cannabis is pain management, which makes it a great reason for patients to pair it with their fitness regimen. The analgesic or pain-relieving properties of cannabis may ease movement-related discomfort, chronic pain as well as inflammation that can prevent one from being able to exercise. THC and CBD are widely associated with pain relief, but choosing the right terpenes plays a significant role in whether a strain should be integrated as a pre-workout or for recovery. For example, terpenes such as limonene and pinene have been supportive in relieving pain and anxiety without a loss of energy before or during an activity. Others such as caryophyllene and myrcene may have a more sedative effect that is better suited for treating aches at the finish line.

A lack of energy and focus may also contribute to the list of reasons some find it hard to stay active. Contrary to the "lazy stoner" stereotype, properly incorporating cannabis with your chosen activity may give you a boost whether your body is tired from a long day, or your mind is tired from conditions like depression. THCV is a fantastic cannabinoid to look out for

when choosing a pre-workout strain. It's been known to stimulate energy, focus and metabolism all while suppressing the munchies.

As mentioned, limonene, pinene as well as terpinolene can help maintain motivation and concentration. Their antidepressant effects may also help pick you up when feeling a little down or mentally drained. These cannabis compounds can potentially spark the internal fire that makes it easier to exercise regularly and effectively.

Exercise itself is effective in relieving stress and improving our mood, and the addition of cannabis may enhance those effects. CBD in particular is believed to lend a big hand in amplifying the relaxation and euphoria we naturally unlock with a good workout. These feelings, otherwise known as "runner's high," have the potential to be enhanced by CBD because it acts as an inhibitor for the endocannabinoid anandamide. Anandamide is known as

the "bliss molecule" and is quickly broken down by enzymes without backup from CBD. This is what potentially helps cannabis magnify the positive emotions and release of anxiety that organically comes from exercise, making it more enjoyable for some patients.

If you are finding it hard to meet your fitness goals or simply want to enhance the benefits, consider medicating with cannabis around your activities. New studies and surveys have reported that those who consume cannabis are more likely to engage in active hobbies as well as meet and/or exceed their recommended physical activity guidelines. That means there's no better time to start learning how terpenes and cannabinoids may work for you to make the experience more enjoyable for your body and mind. Get active with cannabis this summer and take advantage of the sunshine and nature that surrounds us in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania!


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