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A Clinically Oriented Medical Marijuana Company 

Penn Health Group is one of only 25 approved medical marijuana grower/processors in Pennsylvania. Located in Fayette County, our pharmaceutical-grade facility was founded and built by PA residents dedicated to exceeding the highest standards in medical marijuana. By reducing our environmental impact and operating with high efficiency, PHG is committed to supplying patients with safe, effective, and consistent medicine on a routine basis.

Diverse Genetics


Consistent Supply

An extensive collection of carefully chosen strains affords us a diverse genetic seed bank that will continually bring new products to PA patients.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health awarded PHG with a grower/processor license after receiving the highest score of over 250+ applicants.

Independent environmentally-controlled grow rooms allow us to distribute harvests and reliably provide patients with products.

Our Values

Leadership and Accountability

Reliable and Consistent Quality

Patient Advocacy

Clinical Applications

Evidence-Based Research

Integrity with Transparency

Environmental Accountability


Diversity and Inclusion

Community Interaction

Work with us

Our mission is to apply science-driven processes to the cultivation, processing and distribution of medical marijuana while exceeding regulatory compliance by Pennsylvania law.


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The statements in this website have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has NOT approved marijuana as a safe and effective drug for any indication. No product, service, device, therapy, or regimen described herein is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, health problem, or medical condition. Learn more about the FDA and marijuana at Although the manufacture and distribution of medical cannabis and cannabis-infused or derived products by State-licensed facilities and possession and use by registered, qualifying patients may be permitted by various state laws, marijuana is a prohibited Schedule I controlled substance under federal law.

Cannabis and cannabis-infused or derived products may have side effects, including but not limited to increased heart rate, dizziness, lightheadedness, shallow breathing, loss of balance, slowed reaction time, increased appetite, effects on mood, etc. Please do NOT act in any manner potentially harmful or injurious to others while under the influence of cannabis or cannabis-infused or derived products, including without limitation driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery.


Penn Health Group is not a licensed practitioner and, therefore, is not prescribing or suggesting any specific product for any specific condition. Please contact your licenses practitioner with any questions about which products would be best for you.

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