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Cannabis Syrup Guide

Penn Health Group's guide to properly consuming your cannabis syrup.

What is Cannabis Syrup?

Cannabis syrup provides a simple, discreet, and convenient dosing solution. Penn Health syrups are infused with natural flavors, and are both vegan and gluten-free. Offering a viable alternative to vaping, cannabis syrup may cater to a diverse array of conditions and health concerns.

How is Cannabis Syrup Made?

The process at the Penn Health laboratory commences by blending food-grade syrup components over a heat source. Following the heating phase, our high-quality distillate oil is introduced, and through the utilization of emulsion blending methods, it is thoroughly integrated to achieve a uniform mixture.

How Do You Use Cannabis Syrup?

Medical cannabis syrup offers versatile usage, allowing it to be administered sublingually (under the tongue) or ingested. Prior to pouring, it's essential to thoroughly shake the bottle to ensure a uniform and consistent product distribution.


The syrup is conveniently dosed at 10 mg per 5 ml initially. Its pourable formulation enables easy adjustments to suit your medical requirements, with potential dosages as low as 2 mg per 1 ml.


It's important to exercise caution when experimenting with new products like cannabis syrup, beginning with a conservative dosage and allowing at least one

hour before considering another dose.

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